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Creative Souls V @ Craft & Social

Our fifth C&S happening at C&S will be featuring Danielle De Frank.

An amazing artist, who has done very unique vinyl paintings and sculptures, adorning our walls from top to bottom in all sizes! She’s currently getting a lot of attention and exhibitions in the art world, so we are excited to have her here!

Musically we’ll keep it classy with the alluring sounds from Daniel Villasenor who’s a very talented composer. His range is as far as classical piano teacher to ska/punk rocker from Fixed Idea, so you’ll want to check out his solo works!

Then we will close the night off with DJ Wally Byers – He plays all the hidden gems from funk, reggae, R&B – where ever the mood takes him and you’ll be sure to go along for the ride!

So we’ll see you this Sunday, all beers on tap on special all day and night!